My family has been seeing Dr. Powers since Summer of 2008, and he has made a huge difference in my back health. He takes the time to listen and offer solutions and not pills or surgery. I keep referring my friends to him as he has helped my family learn to take better care of our bodies.

His staff is amazing as well. They will always put a smile on your face. You walk in and you are not just a number, they know you by name.

– Courtney J

I have been a patient of Dr. Powers for many years.
He is a kind and understanding man who genuinely cares about your health and well-being.
His skills to correct the issues with your body are nothing short of excellent.
The staff is great and very responsive to assist you in setting appointments that work with your schedule.
I highly recommend Dr. Powers to help you find healthy pathways to living.

– Anonymous

Our family believes the chiropractic care we have received from Dr. Cory Powers has been an integral part of achieving our health and wellness goals, as well as helping me personally through several debilitating times in my life. When I first met with Dr. Powers in 2009, I was having bad headaches at least 4x/wk. After the 1st two weeks of adjustments, they were down to 1x/wk. After a month, it was only 1-2x/mo. During my 1st pregnancy, Dr. Powers’ chiropractic care helped me survive general pregnancy discomforts, including sciatica.

After birth, my body had a hard time recovering. One specific challenge was that I was unable to lay flat on my back without extreme pain, and had difficulty sleeping. Again Dr. Powers’ chiropractic care worked to put my spine and pelvis back into the state it was pre-pregnancy. My child has been a “chiro kid” since birth. I believe chiropractic has been a major factor in contributing to his excellent health including no ear infections, minimal sickness, excellent sleeper, mental alertness, and abounding energy. Even my husband who has a distaste for doctors in general, will see Dr. Powers for an adjustment or two when it gets bad enough for him. I highly recommend Dr. Powers and his staff who has provided our family excellent chiropractic care and wellness lifestyle advice in a hospitable and caring environment with a steady dose of good laughs.

– Jill Kennedy

Dr. Power’s and his crew are nothing short of amazing!! The first-rate chiropractic care and family-like service brings me back every few weeks for an adjustment. And I must mention, the assorted amiable antics are altogether amusing and appropriately aid in accomplishing an awesome office atmosphere! Thank you Dr. Powers, Nicole, Gail, and Brit!

– C Miranda

Dr. Powers is the best! He takes time to diagnose your source of pain originally and then treats you to help relieve your pain. The whole staff makes you feel welcome and help you from setting up appointments to billing. Dr. Powers is always flexible! The whole office treats you so well and make you feel comfortable!

– Jeff Carlson

If you enjoy the following things you’ll love Powers Chiropractic:

Welcoming Environment
Friendly Staff
Close Knit Group of People
The best chiropractor in all of America
And free coffee

This is your place! I’ve been seeing doc for 7 years and he helped me continue my football career into college and if it weren’t for him my back would be in horrible shape. Through my football career I had countless injuries that he helped nurse me back to health by game day. These included everything from headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, dislocated ribs and fingers, and hip pointers.

On top of that he also helped me with a 2 separate concussions. He relieved the pressure on my neck. Thus, making one of the most painful aspects of a concussion almost go away with one adjustment.

The man knows his stuff and he’s by far and away the most personable doctor I’ve ever had.

– Stone Dickerson

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Dr Powers is very professional and friendly. The office staff really do treat you like family. The office hours are most accommodating to any work schedule and if need be, I can go in at Right away if in pain. A great palmetto heal.

– Bobbi Smith

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Tweaked my lower back something fierce and I could barely walk yesterday and this morning. Just returned to work from getting an adjustment at Powers Chiropractic and now… the pain is very minimal. Dr. Cory Powers and staff… all of you are incredible!!

– Laura Heald

Soooo glad I stumbled upon this place for my little one last summer! Love the small office atmosphere, the ease of walk-ins, the extra care when needed for my litle guy, and the great prices for infants! I’ve already made multiple recommendations to other moms with babies under 1 to help out Dr. Powers because he’s so nice and helpful and he truly cares about keeping his patients healthy and happy.

– Diana Musfeldt

Dr. Powers is great at what he does, and communicates well what adjustments he’ll make and why. He, Nicole, and Gail are professional, flexible with my schedule, respectful of my time, and fun, too. I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the team! Highly recommend Powers Chiropractic.

– Alli Pike

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