Carpal Tunnel




As the median nerve in the wrist is pressed by subluxations, people experience pain, burning, tingling, or swelling. These are all symptoms and signs of carpal tunnel, an illness that often makes it difficult to conduct everyday tasks.


Chiropractic care provides a great solution to this problem by

  • Providing a doctor who specializes in identifying and correcting subluxations causing your carpal tunnel pain
  • Improving nerve function and decreasing pain in the wrist with non-invasive adjustments
  • Treating carpal tunnel at its source, rather than masking the pain

We Can Help

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    I first visited Dr. Powers over one year ago with severe sciatic nerve pain. After 3 months of treatment the pain was entirely gone. I am now more flexible and able to do my work more effectively and with less pain. -Julie Wolfe
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    Dr. Powers is absolutely the best chiropractor in the city. I used two other chiropractors before him and they could not fix my neck pain, after one visit with him, the pain was gone. My entire family sees him! -Henk deBoer
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    I use to regularly have back pain by the end of the work day. Now with my monthly visit I am virtually back pain free. I can't believe I waited so long to seek chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Powers! -David Kiepe