5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

When most of us think of our core, we think of our abs. We aim to strengthen them by doing crunches, sit ups, and bicycles, but the reality is our abs are only a part of the group of muscles that make up our core! The core is comprised of all muscles that wrap around your midsection and stabilize your spine and pelvis — a very important job.

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To build a strong core, you need to strengthen all of the muscles in your core region including your obliques, pelvic muscles, hip muscles, and the muscles that support your spine. While it may take some serious work, having a strong core is absolutely worth it! Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to strengthen your core.

1. Strong Core Muscles Improve Sports Performance

Strong core muscles are essential in a variety of sports and leisurely activities. Any dynamic movement you make with your upper body and lower body originates from your core muscles. If you have a strong core, you pack a lot more power in your movements, improve your form, and even improve your speed.

2. Strong Core Muscles Reduce the Risk of Injury

Strong core muscles give you greater stability in your mid-section, allowing your to complete tasks with a lower risk of injury. Strengthening your core also means strengthening you back muscles, which are all too often injured from improper bending, lifting, and sitting down for too long.

3. Strong Core Muscles Improve Posture

Poor posture can make even the most toned physique look like a slouch. Walking around with your shoulders hunched over and your pelvis falling forward places unnecessary stress on your lower back, making you look out of shape even if you hit the gym every day! Posture issues often are due to muscle imbalances between your back and abs, so by strengthening post sets of muscles, you will correct the imbalance and improve your posture.

4. Strong Core Muscles Improve Ability to Do Every Day Activities

Take a moment to consider all the activities you do each day that involve your core. Bending over, climbing stairs, lifting children, vacuuming, and hundreds of other every day tasks require a strong foundation of core muscles. The more you strengthen your core, the easier these tasks become!

5. Strong Core Muscles Are the Key to Flat Abs

Too much focus on the ab muscles instead of the core as a whole makes it almost impossible to achieve the elusive 6-pack abs many of us dream about. Balance exercises that work your ab muscles with ones that strengthen your back, hips, and pelvis — be consistent, eat right, and that 6 pack will be yours!

With these 5 benefits in mind, it’s time to get up, get moving, and strengthen those core muscles!